Difference in Balinese massage and Swedish massage

Both these massages describe half their history through their names. Swedish massage developed as a major western massage now is available across the world whereas the Indonesian massage from Bali is actually a result of traditional Indian and Chinese medicine system. Let us see individually what they actually are.


Swedish massage

One of the most popular massages, Swedish massage or the classic massage has its own perks. Use of hands and palms with tap and stretch, Swedish massage release body stress. The circular pressure is the chief application in this body relaxing and stress buster massage.  The main areas served under Swedish massage are muscles, tissues, shoulders and neck. The practitioner rubs the hands in the blood flow direction towards heart. If the therapist is skillful, you will feel quite relaxed while the massage as well as after the massage. It should be first massage of anyone who is having massage for the very first time.

Balinese massage

The whole technique of Balinese massage is a mixture of several things with essential medicated oils. Acupressure, percussion, firm and gentle strokes, flicking and skin rolling, these all come under the Balinese ways of massaging. Sometimes, therapists apply stone massage too as Balinese massage. The purpose of this type of massage is to make the person feel relax and loose some fascial restrictions. Moreover, the person also has stimulated lymphatic system and the flow of blood gets better with it making this a completely different massage as per the benefits are concern.

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Nude Massage: What You Should Know

A nude massage, also known as tantric massage or sensuous massage is a great comforting and one of its own kind of physical massage therapies that comprises naked bodies. It is nowhere near the normal other type of massage. The first place where it all goes different is when you will take of all your clothes or as much clothes, as you are comfortable. You will though have a sheet to wrap yourself up in case you feel cold during the massage.


There are subtypes in nude massage too. In some cases the massage therapist would be nude too, giving you massage through their body. This nude massage is what describes the true meaning of sensuous massage.Initially, the nude massage only had one person, who is having massage, without the clothes. Then after looking at the tantric ways, everyone started to have this naked body’s therapy.

What comes different from the naked massage is a spa. Generally, a spa has nothing included as nudity. It is against the etiquettes of spa but several spa parlors have this very interesting way of earning customers and that is why they often include nude massage in their service lists. People are nude after sauna too.

Some people have this mental setup that being fully nude while any sort of massage can actually bring them a better and comforting feel than normal massage. The theory is somewhat true but still massagers never force the people to fully nude for a good result of massage. It is all up on the person whether he wants to be nude semi nude or all clothes on. The European countries are more open to nakedness while massage than any other country in the world. It is about more relaxation and comfort. You can agree to nude massage with underclothes on but it would be very comforting if you avoid that too.

The nude massage is more rhythmic, done with more soothing feel. First starting with fingers and hands, massagers go with body-to-body massage and let your skin feel soothed. To get up the chart and start this massage, first you can ask someone whom you feel ok with for body-to-body touch. A professional though can be an entirely different experience. They have an experience of massaging all types of bodies and that is why, you can have a different feel with them. People try to relate the nude massage with sexual intercourse but this has nothing to do with it. It is just an effective relaxing exercise.

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Conditions When Massage Is Not Good

If you have thinking that massage is very good for a healthy life, you might change your thoughts after reading this. Things can actually go wrong in massage or you can say a little bit sore in certain conditions. There are conditions when you should not book appointment to any kind of massage or you should have the proper knowledge of which massage will suit you in that particular condition.


When you experience the following, don’t even think of having a massage.

  • If you have a fever
  • If you had a recent accident
  • If you are nauseated or dizzy
  • If you have any wounds, severe sunburn, rashes or if you are bruised

You should first think of stabilizing yourself in these cases. After you are medically fit in these conditions, only than you can think of having a massage. Moreover, you can directly ask your physician or massager too in certain cases, about whether a massage can be helpful in the medical situation or not.

Other than these, many people suffer from condition, which they never like to inform to their massage therapists. Massage sometimes can make things very worse so before going to any conclusion, just check the list below and inform the therapist first so that your therapists have all the primary care before doing massage.

Ongoing Conditions That You Should Inform About

  • If you are under any kind of medication
  • If you have recently stopped any medications
  • If you have any daily exercise suggested by physician

Conditions that you should tell about if you have (or had in some cases).

  • Any contagious conditions of skin like boils, herpes or warts
  • Any other bad skin conditions like sores, rashes or burns
  • Any issue with the circulatory system like high blood pressure, stroke or varicose veins
  • Any issues with the digestive systems like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers or colitis
  • Edema
  • Any issues with endocrine system like thyroid dysfunction or diabetes
  • Conditions related to musculoskeletal system like fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis
  • Lymph or immune system problems as HIV AIDS or chronic fatigue
  • Nervous system problems like Parkinson’s disease or herpes
  • Respiratory system problems like asthma
  • Other miscellaneous conditions like migraines, pregnancy or cancer

These conditions must have a pre-announcement to the massage parlour. Other than these, you must give you therapists all the details of the oils or things you are allergic to. This can also lead to severe problems if you have allergy to any flower and therapist used that flower oil on you.

Types of Ayurvedic Massage

Usually, the types of massages we often hear are international names but few massages widely known in world are Indian gifts to society. Perhaps you have heard the word Ayurveda. Ayurvedic massages have an immense range of massages in it including the Panchakrma, which is a week long massage, to a 15 minute hit oil scalp massage. We will go through few very widely used Ayurvedic massage type in this article ahead.


Kerala Traditional Massage

This is one of the famous Ayurveda therapy developed and used in Kerala from ancient times. Firstly the massage became popular nationwide and now it is a global mania. Why so, because this fully herbal based medicinal treatment has a set of massages that come with great benefits. Kerala massages include Njavara, Sirodhara, Kizhi, Ela Kizhi etc. These treatments have scientific evidences to help in many human body disorders and sicknesses. Several medicated oils take part in these therapies with proper traditional regulations.

Panchakrma Treatment

As mentioned above, the Panchakrma is a long treatment course of Ayurvedic massage. The course runs for minimum 7 days and can take as long as 28 days to end. The time depends on the chronic nature of the problem or disease and the duration has to be a multiple of seven as 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. This time is as per the Indian cycle of days or the lunar cycle where the month is usually of 28 days. The lunar cycle has an effect over our body, which is taken in consideration while performing this Ayurvedic massage.


The famous ElaKizhi is a massage involving herbs and medicinal leaves. Application of several medicinal leaves to a specific body part or to the whole part is main thing in this massage. First, these leaves are chopped in small pieces and then they are dipped in hot medicated oils for a while with the help of muslin bags. After that, this leaf cover stays for 45 minutes over body and this continuous for 7 to 14 days, as per requirement. To strengthen our muscular and nervous system, it is a great massage type.


As the word describes itself, Sirodhara means, continuous flow over head (Siro- head, Dhara- flow). Head is the root of our body and is the start of everything we do. Our every action, reaction takes first orders from brain. Keeping that thing in balance is important and Sirodhara perfectly do that. Warm oils, buttermilk, several herbal extracts are continuously streamed over the mind to make our body and mind in balance. It is a 35-minute long thing done for 7 to 21 days. People have seen mental disorders being cured through this magical and ancient massage.