Massaging hair can help in hair growth

Beautiful locks are assets of your body; it adds beauty to your face. But, keeping them strong and nourished is a tedious task. Pollution, hormonal changes, stress, undernourished diet and many other reasons lead to damaged and dull hair. Damaged hair grows very slowly and looks weird too. In order to prevent this, people use different types of products that are made of chemicals, worsen the situation. Performing hair care routine keeps your locks clean, moisturized and conditioned that promotes the growth and keep them healthy and strong. Massaging scalp is a great way to nourish the roots of hairs which in turn provides strength to them. Massaging hair promotes the blood circulation and reduces the stress level in the body.




Massaging scalp stimulates the blood flow in the scalp and provides you potential benefits. Massaging scalp needs some basic steps: Rubbing, relaxing and applying pressure to the scalp with finger. The increased blood flow in the scalp leads to reduction in loss of hairs. The follicles become strong and hold the roots of hairs tightly and make them thick and shiny. Kneading the scalp warm the surface of the skin and allows absorption of oil by the follicles which in result condition it, and strengthen the roots. Massaging scalp reduces the stress level in the body and makes the body energetic and efficient to work. It also stimulates the growth of hairs follicles. You can use nourishing oils while massaging scalp that makes the hair shaft, hair root and scalp smooth and strong.

So, girls and guys strengthen the roots of your hair with scalp massage therapy. If you are looking to body to body massage visit our website we can help you to tension free massage.

Daily Massage: Good or Bad?

Massage is delighting because it is relaxing. It releases stress, strengthen immune system, takes away pain and aches, gives your restful sleeps and many more. If we count the benefits then the list will never end up but, the question arise is daily massage good or bad for the body? Well, it depends on the type of massage which you are getting. It also depends on the tolerance level of your body.




Before taking daily massage you have to be careful as your body release toxic substances and lactic acid starts producing in the muscles. That’s why some people feel nauseous after the massage session. If you want to release out toxins from the body, then you should take Swedish massage as it is light and mind soothing. Avoid deep massage daily as it gives soreness to your body.

You can also go for Thai message, Deep tissue massage and Shiastu as the oil used in them penetrates in the deep layers and releases the toxins easily. These massage sessions will relax you mind, balance the toxicity level, lower high blood pressure, makes your skin supple and many more.

The techniques used in the massage sessions are healing for the body that helps to maintain the body in shape. Hot stone massage is one of the most soothing massage and people often find such sessions sheer pleasure. In this, the body is weighted down with hot stones and rub them on your body smoothly. This reduces the tension and shoulder and backache from the body.

So, taking massage sessions daily is good for health if you are taking light sessions with proper care.

Does massage help in body detoxification?

The human body is complex and involves the continuous release of toxic chemicals from the body in the form of sweat, tears and many more. The detoxification process mainly involves the circulatory and lymphatic system. But, sometimes our modern life and sedentary lifestyle hinder this natural process. To keep the things in place, people go for body detoxify massage therapy that stimulates the circulatory system and tone the organs that help in chemical detoxification.


Detox massage is relaxing for the body and also helps in eliminating toxic waste from the body. It is similar to the cleansing process which we often do to clean our skin deeply. A detox massage expels out pain related to headache, organ dysfunctions, fatigue and fibromyalgia from the body and relaxes the mind and body.

Detox massage is helpful in removing body’s intrinsic chemicals because the therapist applies rhythmic strokes that stimulate the body. Detox massage involves the combination of massage movements that pressurize the body parts and stretches the muscles. The massage movement’s acts like a sponge, whenever the therapist pressurizes the muscles it automatically squeezes out the toxins from the muscle fibres and body cells. This toxic material reaches the circulatory system and comes out of the body.

There are different types of detox massage therapies like Swedish massage, Chinese massage and lymph massage. In all of them, people usually go for lymphatic massage.  In this, the therapist applies strokes that stimulate the lymphatic system to release out dietary toxin and other unwanted elements. The strokes also remove the blockages which are there in the circulatory system. It strengthens the immune system, makes the muscles strong and toughens the connective tissues.

Body-to-Body Massage – Discover a New Personality in You

There are lots of choices available to go with when it comes to going through a massage, but the most sensual one is tantric massage or body to body massage in south extenstion. This type of massage can be used for multiple purposes – from therapy to erotic happiness. Do you want to discover a new personality hidden in you? If yes, then you must give a try to body to body sensual massage.


Skin to Skin Treatment

If you are going to choose such a massage for therapeutic purposes, you need to understand that it shouldn’t be erotic. It is a kind of skin to skin therapy that helps people getting rid of physical and psychological boundaries. With the help of such a massage, you can free yourself from various psychological complexes.

It’s a Physical Therapy

The biggest advantage of going with a body to body massage session is that you can be able to unveil the benefits of a physical therapy. Since it is a kind of physical therapy, you can be able to rediscover your personality with hidden pleasure and excitement. Once you go through a massage session, you will feel quite relaxed. You will experience improved mobility and activeness in your physical structure.

Touch New Heights of Consciousness

Since body to body massage is also used as a spiritual activity or practice, you can be able to touch new heights of consciousness. You will be able to enjoy new visions. You can be able to witness nature through your mind’s eye. The skin to skin massage helps you touching the highest level of relaxation and peace.

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Ayurveda Massage: How it Works on Your Body?

Suppose you are lying on a comfortable bed and the place is scented with aroma and those soft hands massaging your body with warm oil. Imagining this is so relaxing then imagine how pleasurable it will be when you get it in real? The technique of using warm oil in massage is known as Ayurveda massage, it is also known as Abyanga. ‘Abyanga’ means oil and love and it is believed that Ayurveda massage nurtures your body with pampering and relaxation providing you peace of mind, stability and warmth to your body.


Ayurveda massage not only exiles out pain and stress from your body but also stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the lymphatic system and immune system and opens the gateways of life by revitalizing the body and soul. The essential oils used in this effective massage therapy detoxify the body, prevents ageing and makes the skin supple, soft and shiny. It also reduces the stress by generating positive vibes around you and helps you in feeling healthy physically as well as mentally.

There are many benefits of Ayurveda massage which are as follows:

  • Stimulates the blood flow at the nerve ending and increases circulation
  • Tones the muscles of whole body.
  • Removes pain from joints
  • Releases stress
  • Expels out the toxins
  • Provides restful sleeps at night
  • Improves stamina
  • Improves mental alertness
  • Enhances vision
  • Stimulates the regulation of internal organs
  • Makes hair strong and shiny
  • Makes the body flexible
  • Reduces the chances of heart attack

So, reap the benefits of Ayurveda massage and live a healthy life in our female to male body to body massage.

Why You Need Body Massage in winter

You may find it easy to determine whether you should go through a full body or half body massage session. You may also find it quite easy to decide whether to choose tantric massage or therapeutic massage. But you may surely find it difficult to determine whether you need a body massage during winter or not. So, let’s have a look at stated below reasons on why you need body massage in winter.


Right Blood Circulation Needed

It is usually observed that many individuals experience irregularities in blood circulation. They feel as though their blood is going to freeze. There is no doubt that blood in body decides most of the activities to lead a happy life. Therefore, you need to go through a body massage in winter to make your blood circulate appropriately.

Warm UP Your Body

If you want to avoid cold and cough, you need to warm up your body during winter. A winter-oriented body massage can help you grabbing desired level of warmness to make things functioning. Therefore, if you don’t want to cope with different types of physical issues, you need to go through a body massage session.

Muscles and Joints Should Be Flexible

It is often found that due to cold, many individuals have to cope with irregularities in muscles and joints. They find it difficult to use their body joints in an adequate way. A therapeutic body massage can help you getting rid of this situation. You can make your joints and muscles as functioning and movable as they were in summer.