Important Body Parts That Need Regular Massage

Everyone is aware of the usual body parts that tends to be massaged to get relief and for rejuvenation of the skin and many a times for releasing stress and tension from the body. Yet, there are many body parts that need massages for their proper functioning and not everyone is aware of them. Well, here are some of the rarest known parts where massages can be of some help to heal and lessen the pain. You are using these everyday in one way or another and they are getting damaged so, next time you go for a body massage. don’t forget them.


  1. Face

Face holds everything and is a great expresser of the condition of the body of an individual. This part needs to be relieved specially the jaw area through massages. It is even suggested prescribed by the doctors and therapist in order to drain out the stress from the body. One must concern a trained body massage therapist for performing facial massage as the facial muscles require particular and specific amount of movements and pressure that can be done only by a professional.

  1. Wrist

The very minute part of the body yet an important one which works throughout the day performing activities ranging from easier to tougher ones. This makes this area ask for some massage to be relieved. The best part is the wrist is somehow a delicate part thus not a lot of efforts needs to be put on and only professionals should be concerned more about.

  1. Thumbs and Fingers

Working for the body all day long the thumb and other finger too needs some attention. This one requires some delicate pressure on palms and fingers to release tension and most of the body spa and massage therapist always start the massages with thumb and fingers to release the tiredness of whole day. It’s the beginning of a good body to body massage but that doesn’t means it is less significant at all.

  1. Feet

Feets are again a significant part of the body that need attention and that goes through a lot the whole day. It feels so good when someone just makes unintentional movements on the feet as feet are most vulnerable part of the body to tiredness. One must try feet massage in the full body massage session, when going through a rough and tiresome day that would surely help.

  1. Diaphragm

This one is unknown to most of the people but abdomen pain can sometime be treated through the massage performed near the ribs. However, the part is too delicate to do it on your own or with the help of someone untrained as it might cause discomfort and pain. Thus, one should always go with the professionals who are familiar and have expertise in performing it.

Conclusion: Thus, these were some of the common parts which are sometime left untouched while going through a body massage session in Malviya Nagar. However, one must always be aware of the therapist they are consulting as these are some delicate parts and can go through major injuries if not performed with prior attention.