Various Type of Foot Massages

Feet are the most vulnerable part of the body that carry all the fatigue and tiredness of the whole day. Thus, they need special care and attention in a busy city like Delhi through foot massages. However, there are numerous variations in the types of foot massages and one can have one according to their own needs. Relaxing your foot makes you much more stress less and turns on your good mood instantly. The blood circulation of the feet gets stressed whole day and thus needs some easing which a perfect body massage can provide easily. There are the following types of foot massages that therapists keep in option while giving body massage and one can choose out of them according to the discomfort they are going through.


  1. Profound tissue massage

This is most relaxing out of others and is very effective in removing or at least releasing the amount of stress and pain. Also known by the name deep tissue massage, this one deals with the joints and muscle layers of the foot. This is performed by applying pressure and rhythmic stress over the joints and tendons while giving full body massage. The deep tissues of the muscles are stimulated through this massage, instantly providing some relief.

  1. Neuromuscular foot massage

This one tends to deal with the pain of limbs and joint and here stress is applied on the softer tissues for relief. As the word suggest, it is somehow related to medication thus, must be conducted only with the prior recommendation of therapist and doctors. Otherwise one can even suffer some discomfort or even pain in the limbs. So, in order to avoid pain and any adverse effect one must get this done through a specialised therapist or a trained person of body spa providers in Delhi.

  1. Foot massage for Athletes

This one is mostly used by the people involved in sports activities and are athletes by profession. They can go through problems like sprain or twist at any time thus, an instant relief can be brought to the person through an effective foot massage. This is the reason almost all the players are trained for such body spa and massages for emergency purposes.

  1. Swedish Foot Massage

This one comes from western world and sounds classy at the same time. Swedish foot massages are commonly used massages and is performed in almost all massage centres in Delhi due to its popularity among masses. This involves light stroke and rhythmic movements with fingers and thumbs. This type is usually practised in order to release stress and get some relief. People with complains of joint pains are recommended for this massage on a regular basis.

Conclusion: Thus, these foot massages are helpful in getting relief and soothing you mood. Stress and tension are the major areas which are targeted by these foot massages and thus should be used by the people.

Different Massage Oils And Its Benefits

When it comes to trying something on your body, one gets very conscious and concerned to choose the products to be used. Ensuring safety first is the priority of every individual and then comes the effectiveness of product. The need to choose the products for massages is important because of many reasons like different types of skin, allergic skin to particular ingredient of the product etc.


So, in order to be at the safer side one must have the knowledge about the type of oil they are using for body massage and the ingredients of the product first hand. Here are some of the best oils for body spa and massages which ensures safety and startling effects.

Best Choices Of Oils

  1. Sweet Almond Oil

Almost everyone is aware of the sweet almond oil used for the body massage in Delhi. The reason for its popularity is it is rich in vitamin E and is known for its miraculous effects on the body. It is the first choice of the people as customers and as therapists because, as customers it soothes the body and leaves a shining effect on the skin. While therapist prefer it because it is easy to apply on the body due to its consistency.

  1. Coconut oil

The next popular choice as it is easily available in the market and is affordable to all classes in Coconut Oil. It beholds the treasure of Vitamin E, anti-aging and antioxidants. These elements makes the use of oil popular among the many males in Delhi for body to body massage. However, one must make sure that the coconut oil they are using is pure in order to ensure safety.

  1. Apricot oil

Apricot oil is another essential oil for massage purposes. This one comes with light texture, which makes its application easier and smoother without leaving greasy effect on the body. It is mostly used as a substitute for sweet almond oil as there are many people who have allergy to nuts. However, this oil is costlier than others. But elements like Vitamin E, Vitamin A makes it worth the price. This one is popular because of its use in Aromatherapy and it is even apt for facial massages and other type of full body massages.

  1. Jojoba oil

This one due to its antibacterial properties is used for the treatment of acne prone back. The best part of this one is it lasts for longer period of time and hardly have any after effects on the skin and can be used for all types of skins. Jojoba oil is very common to be used in body to body massage.

  1. Olive Oil

This one is used usually for cooking but due to its thickness and strong aroma it is used for body spa and massage purposes. However, it is a bit sticky and does not suits all types of skin still olive oil is known for its tons of positive effectives of our body internally as well as externally.

Thus, these were some popular oils used for massages and one must check and ensure the purity of the product in order to avoid any harmful effects or allergies on the skin.

Top 5 Essential Oils for a Wonderful Massage Experience to Sensitive Clients

One of the most used tools in body massage nowadays is essential oils. Whenever a client checks for his monthly massage session in delhi, he definitely likes to see options in massage oils. But what is so different about essential oils? It is the fact that, they are loved by highly sensitive clients too.


Not many people are aware of the fact that they are sensitive to something, before beginning the massage, it is important for you to ask the client about any specific scent preferences. Or you should ask, are there any smells in which you find yourself suffocated? These questions can make it clear about how sensitive your client is.

Here are the top 5 best essential oils. Before you use them on a client for full body spa, don’t forget to particularly ask or test it on him first for sensitivity.

  1. Roman Chamomile

Many of you thought that lavender will be the first preference of massage parlours in delhi. Surely lavender oil is very gentle to use when we talk about sensitive clients but these options are ones that you hardly know about or find somewhere else.

A powerful smell of chamomile has a very less toxic level in it. If used with a body spa, chamomile can help highly sensitive clients with headaches, irritation etc.

  1. Bergamot

You can find citrus based oils in every other massage parlour, but on a personal note, Bergamot is the best citrus oil. It is quite similar to lavender oil, with same constituent in it called linalyl acetate. This is really helpful in stress relieving and making you relax better.

Only one thing you should always keep in mind with every citrus oil is that if it contains bergapten, then don’t let your client go anywhere out in sun for at least 12 hours. It actually results in photosensitivity and you can have a very bad skin reaction.

  1. Neroli

Another citrus oil in our list is Neroli essential oil. Coming from a delicate aroma of orange tree, it is a wonderful citrus for body massage. A study conducted in 2012 cleared that neroli helps in maintaining blood pressure and cortisol levels to normal. Furthermore, another study also confirmed that neroli oil is good in purifying skin too.

With a very low toxic range, this oil is preferably the best oil for massage during pregnancy and you can use it for children too.

  1. Rose

The queen of flowers, rose is also among the top essential oils. Used in several luxury spas, rose is popular for its cardiac benefits and a good blood circulation. Over that, rose is a powerful and cheerful mood enhancer.

  1. Sandalwood

Everyone is familiar with sandalwood’s exceptional aroma. Being so popular in perfumes, it is very useful for very sensitive males. Having a luxury spa with sandalwood, you are actually pushing skin supportive qualities of sandalwood. One major benefit of sandalwood is the removal of tiredness very effectively.

Massage and Spa for Healthy Lifestyle

Everything today is changing rapidly. If you talk about 10 15 years back, it is nothing like that at all. Humans are more like machines now. Working hard for 8-9 hours with very small breaks in between, which mean nothing is the trend today in Delhi. Ultimately, that sums up in spending 8 to 9 hours of your day in front of a computer screen leaving you with back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and top of all; our eyes never stay the same.


Making things more bad for ourselves are the smartphones today. People are addicted too much to them. If you spend one day without your phone, it will be not less than you being left alone on an island. Furthermore, we have late night parties which bring sleepless nights, a lot of junk food and alcohol with it. You know these things are affecting your body but you can’t walk out of these things because that is the trend today.

What is the Cure to These Effects?

One of the effective ways to keep your body and mind fit despite these things is yoga. But then again, you barely get time to perform yoga everyday. It is time consuming and it is actually adding up another task to your daily schedule. At this time, body massage in Delhi is good. These luxurious body spa and full body massages are way better option than anything else. Reason behind it is that, spa and massage is a onetime thing and you will have a long lasting relief from a lot of physical issues.

How Often Massage is Important for a Good Lifestyle

Delhi is full of massage parlours and people have a ton of options. However, one session of body to body massage can be perfect for anyone. When to take it is totally UN you. People sometimes like having a body massage in Delhi after a hectic weekly schedule, so that they can have a peaceful weekend.

The answer for how often is that, your body will stay happy as much as you will keep it. Every time you are filled with stress and fatigue, reach out to a soothing full body massage and keep things under control. Don’t let these new age technology wonders ruin your mind as well as body. They might be important for work but they are not important than a healthy life.

Facial Massage: Good For Skin and Stress Lines on Face

One of the very important part of a body massage in this heating summer days is facial massages. our capital city, Delhi is quite polluted and it is common to have so many germs everyday just on your face. Facial massages are well known for their glorious after effects on the skin and their demand in market. It is so popular among the masses because it helps in rejuvenation of skin cells and exfoliation of the skin and most important its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle features.


As the massage requires the movements of palms and fingers and pressure it helps in better circulation of blood and directs its proper flow. This eventually stops the skin from getting older and developing wrinkles. Though they need to be performed by professionals of full body massage providers for better and effective results yet, they can even be performed by anyone at home following some basic steps to ease the skin and reduce stress and fatigue.

Steps to be followed

One needs the basic things that are available at home to perform facial massage on their own. Cleansing milk, cold water, scrub, clean cotton cloth, massage cream or facial oils, face pack, toner and moisturiser are some of the basic elements used while performing facial massage at home.

  1. Scrubbing

The first step is exfoliating the skin and removing the dead cells of the face by making repetitive movements with the help of fingers and palms over the face. This can be continued for fifteen minutes and with light hands as more pressure can cause blemishes on the skin. Ensure the use of natural scrubs and non-chemical product. Many body spa providers in Delhi keep very natural products.

  1. Cold water splash

The second step that body spa experts suggest is washing the face with cold water. As soon as the scrubbing is done, gently wash the face with cold water by splashing two three ounce of water on the face. This washes the opened pores of the skin and helps them close after that gently pat dry the face with a clean cotton cloth.

  1. Facial massage

Next on the queue is facial massage, one must choose the cream according to the type of skin as every cream does not suit all skin types. Go natural for safer and better results. full body to body massage providers prefer mild and light creams, made up of herbs like aloe vera and other things. Apply the cream after rubbing the cream gently between the palms. Gently massage the whole facial area by repetitive movements of palms and fingers over the face. Make sure all the areas are covered.

  1. Face pack

After almost a massage session of twenty-five minutes, it is time to apply a homemade face pack which will ensure no after side effects on the skin. Apply the thick layer of the pack over the face which should be consistent and then let it dry for some time. Lastly wash it with cold water and pat dry with clean cotton cloth.

Thus, this massage will surely benefit the skin and the stress will be removed. Many males in Delhi who are taking so much pollution everyday are coming to body massage providers for this, so that they can have a marvellous glow on face.

Important Body Parts That Need Regular Massage

Everyone is aware of the usual body parts that tends to be massaged to get relief and for rejuvenation of the skin and many a times for releasing stress and tension from the body. Yet, there are many body parts that need massages for their proper functioning and not everyone is aware of them. Well, here are some of the rarest known parts where massages can be of some help to heal and lessen the pain. You are using these everyday in one way or another and they are getting damaged so, next time you go for a body massage. don’t forget them.


  1. Face

Face holds everything and is a great expresser of the condition of the body of an individual. This part needs to be relieved specially the jaw area through massages. It is even suggested prescribed by the doctors and therapist in order to drain out the stress from the body. One must concern a trained body massage therapist for performing facial massage as the facial muscles require particular and specific amount of movements and pressure that can be done only by a professional.

  1. Wrist

The very minute part of the body yet an important one which works throughout the day performing activities ranging from easier to tougher ones. This makes this area ask for some massage to be relieved. The best part is the wrist is somehow a delicate part thus not a lot of efforts needs to be put on and only professionals should be concerned more about.

  1. Thumbs and Fingers

Working for the body all day long the thumb and other finger too needs some attention. This one requires some delicate pressure on palms and fingers to release tension and most of the body spa and massage therapist always start the massages with thumb and fingers to release the tiredness of whole day. It’s the beginning of a good body to body massage but that doesn’t means it is less significant at all.

  1. Feet

Feets are again a significant part of the body that need attention and that goes through a lot the whole day. It feels so good when someone just makes unintentional movements on the feet as feet are most vulnerable part of the body to tiredness. One must try feet massage in the full body massage session, when going through a rough and tiresome day that would surely help.

  1. Diaphragm

This one is unknown to most of the people but abdomen pain can sometime be treated through the massage performed near the ribs. However, the part is too delicate to do it on your own or with the help of someone untrained as it might cause discomfort and pain. Thus, one should always go with the professionals who are familiar and have expertise in performing it.

Conclusion: Thus, these were some of the common parts which are sometime left untouched while going through a body massage session in Malviya Nagar. However, one must always be aware of the therapist they are consulting as these are some delicate parts and can go through major injuries if not performed with prior attention.

SPA-Treatments: Relaxation On The Beauty And Health Benefit

Staying fit and healthy means getting oozed with the confidence and happiness. A spa treatment is something that does not only add a great spark to your personality but also brings a number of health benefits.

The best thing is that it does not only relax you but it also a kind of great break that one must have on an alternative basis. If you are going to take a break from your busy life then you must go for it.

Health Benefits Of Spa Treatment

  • Getting spa and massage time-to-time also releases a hormone, which is called Serotonin. It is the same hormone responsible for making your body and mind “feel good”. And this is the prominent reasons that when you have spa and massage, your body, soul and mind feel incredible.
  • It is also good for mitigate the body pain as it is responsible for easing the muscles tension. Spa relax every part of their body through deep tissue massages.
  • Having a massage service means getting your improved blood circulation. To put in simple words, it leads to give you enough oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  • Spa is required to stimulate the lymphatic system, which lead toward bringing the body’s waste out.
  • It makes you free from stress and refreshes your body.
  • Spa also plays a crucial role to stimulate the lymphatic system to bring all toxins out of the body.

Beauty Benefits Of Spa Treatment –

Anti Aging – The fact cannot be denied that no one wishes to look old and what can be better than having spa to look younger. Actually, it makes your skin to get rid of spots and wrinkles and makes it to look younger, quite fresh and new.
To Get Fresh Skin – Getting spa time-to-time means you are going to stay away from the signs of aging. It is just like a boon if you wish to lift up the elasticity of your skin. There is no need to go for surgery.
Prevent More Serious Skin Problems- Not only this, but it also keeps you safe from the serious skin problems. You must choose the best platform so you would get the professional spa treatment. They let you know before the situation gets worst.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead, take the best spa in ina, and massage therapy to have the refreshed body.

Can one enjoy anything better than Full Body Massage by experts?

In a body to body massage is a natural pleasure found there, everybody knows. During the massage as the name says, this is kind everyone is naked without complex or anything like that. In a body to body massage, everything is just done to put the customer at ease, the release of all that blocks sexually, the naturist massage has all its benefits that many ignore.

The masseuses will guide the client’s body in a great desire for body to body massage the customer must make a small passage in the steam room or Jacuzzi, you must specify that any noise can get to relax the body to body massage and telephone or other annoying noise must cease. To soothe the body and the mind by a soft and pleasant music, all this to put the person in the atmosphere of the places, to put him at ease and that all relaxed.

It is a massage which consists mainly of methods of sensual and languorous caresses more useful to stimulate the parts of the body that had to be revived. The body to body massage is done with essential oils just to make them more stimulating caresses, to the decor candles and a mild fragrance are necessary, all for good and relaxing the client. A somewhat unusual accessory but also useful for the full body massage is a tower, particularly silky covering the body of soft sensual tickling the body to body massage relaxes undoubtedly the tensions caused curvatures in the muscles, And all that little care taken by a very charming masseuse, sweet hands that will disturb the most sensitive and insensible parts of the whole body. A pleasure cannot be more sensual.

But note, you should practice body to body massage services in accordance with the well-being and relaxation, with no sexual connotation. The goal of the full body massage is just awakened sexual desire, not to engage in sex outside the couple, so it is really advisable for the couple to practice two to avoid remorse and other marital problem. To choose your masseur or masseuse, it is better to go and see someone you have been advised. He or she will probably want to discuss with you beforehand, in order to explain the progress of the message and to probe your motivations. You should also know two things: Tantric massage is not a substitute for medicine or physiotherapy; Sexual relations are excluded. Finally, if you meet someone who looks strange to you, follow your intuition and flee!

How Massage Can Help Keep Skin Looking Nice

After a long hectic day, it becomes important to release out all the pain from a tired body and this can be easily get ridden off with a deep relaxing massage. Massage therapies not only makes your body fit and fine but also improve your situation psychologically. Massage therapies provide healthy nervous system, circulatory system, muscles, joints, and skin. Let’s see some of the highlighting benefits of massage on skin:

The benefits of facial massage must follow following functions:

  • Circulatory Passing: Stimulates the circulatory system allowing better transport of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, improving the overall appearance of skin leaving it smooth, shiny, healthy and thus rejuvenated. It also facilitates the absorption of beauty products applied with facial massage more efficiently.
  • Relaxing Passing: As the name suggests the function of these manoeuvres massage is to relax the muscles of the face, decreasing tension, so will wrinkles. This relaxation is transmitted to the whole body with a feeling of pleasant tranquility that brings benefits to the general welfare.

Benefits of facial massage

The benefits of facial massage go much beyond aesthetics, some of these benefits are:

  • Rejuvenates the epidermal layer of the face.
  • Clean up skin and improves your health.
  • Enhance the effects of stress on the face.
  • It helps to fight stress.
  • It provides a state of pleasant tranquillity.
  • It stimulates all the meridian points on the face to perform better.
  • Enhances local blood flow.
  • Improves tone and skin radiance.
  • Relaxes the skin and eye muscles.
  • Relieves eyestrain and improves neck stiffness.
  • Useful to treat insomnia, nervous tension.
  • Helpful to cure nasal congestion problems.
  • Improve liver functioning and gall bladder restoration.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, headaches.
  • It provides total relaxation of mind and body.
  • Draining for dark circles and bags.
  • Oxygenates the skin which favours the production of collagen and elastin preventing aging.
  • Vitalizes the skin and improves circulation because it acts both on the microcirculation and on the large circulation, favouring the return of venous blood to the heart. That is why their therapeutic effects are used in facial and body because it reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Facial massage should not be performed when you are suffering from following problems:

  • Fever, infectious diseases and infectious diseases.
  • Inflammation, recent wounds, bruising or scars on the face of recent surgery.
  • Tumours or cysts in the area.
  • Infectious skin diseases, such as lupus or fungus.
  • Non-infectious diseases, such as allergic dermatitis or burns.
  • In case of deep acne, medical advice is needed.

Facial massage appliances

The facial massage can also be performed with electrical and mechanical appliances having other benefits such as high-frequency vaporizer or ultraviolet rays.

These provide better techniques for skin penetration of the products or to reach non manual muscles.

Summary: Facial massage offers a huge range of benefits to people like shiny, supple and smooth skin. It eliminates the production of sebum and oil from skin and offers super supple skin to them. try different techniques to achieve beautiful skin!

Some of the Massage Modalities Offered at Massage Delhi

To provide great service, it is important for the massage therapists to be aware of many modalities. Different massage types offer different benefits to the body. Here are some of the modalities to look for when you visit our massage center.

Acupressure Massage 

This massage modality originated in China centuries ago and it helps in balancing the special energy in the body called Chi. Chi is said to be the life force that circulates in our body. The proper flow of this energy in our body is required for a healthy and fuller life. There are meridians in our bodies that are the pathways to carry this energy. With the acupressure massage given by our therapists the Chi energy flow along the meridian enhances. This therapy is about applying the pressure at some strategic spots (also called the meridian points) in our body with the help of the elbow and finger.

Acupuncture Treatment 

This is another form of massage that originated in China and is now in practice all over the world. It is indeed a much respected form of the alternative treatment. It has a history of more than 50 centuries. Acupuncture massage treatments are holistic and work on your body at the cellular level. It is a preventive form of treatment that works on the entire existence and not just the part of the body with the issue.

Deep Tissue Massage 

This type of massage therapy provided by Massage Delhi is highly effective. It works through the layers of the body and helps in reaching the depths of the muscles in order to get rid of the pain or discomfort at the root level. This type of massage therapy aims at working on the fibrous tissues that enclose the muscles. These tissues are called fascia. The objective of this modality is to bring the balance of the body back.

Ayurvedic Oil Massage 

Ayurvedic massage is indeed one of the most effective therapies we provide at Massage Delhi. This therapy also originated thousands of years ago but in India. In the ancient times this therapy was used to heal several, body and mind related, problems. The oils and ointments used in this type of massage therapy are made using the natural herbs. This massage therapy also works at the holistic level and provides innumerable benefits to us. The oils and ointments used during the session provide nutrition to the skin cells.