Facial Massage: Good For Skin and Stress Lines on Face

One of the very important part of a body massage in this heating summer days is facial massages. our capital city, Delhi is quite polluted and it is common to have so many germs everyday just on your face. Facial massages are well known for their glorious after effects on the skin and their demand in market. It is so popular among the masses because it helps in rejuvenation of skin cells and exfoliation of the skin and most important its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle features.


As the massage requires the movements of palms and fingers and pressure it helps in better circulation of blood and directs its proper flow. This eventually stops the skin from getting older and developing wrinkles. Though they need to be performed by professionals of full body massage providers for better and effective results yet, they can even be performed by anyone at home following some basic steps to ease the skin and reduce stress and fatigue.

Steps to be followed

One needs the basic things that are available at home to perform facial massage on their own. Cleansing milk, cold water, scrub, clean cotton cloth, massage cream or facial oils, face pack, toner and moisturiser are some of the basic elements used while performing facial massage at home.

  1. Scrubbing

The first step is exfoliating the skin and removing the dead cells of the face by making repetitive movements with the help of fingers and palms over the face. This can be continued for fifteen minutes and with light hands as more pressure can cause blemishes on the skin. Ensure the use of natural scrubs and non-chemical product. Many body spa providers in Delhi keep very natural products.

  1. Cold water splash

The second step that body spa experts suggest is washing the face with cold water. As soon as the scrubbing is done, gently wash the face with cold water by splashing two three ounce of water on the face. This washes the opened pores of the skin and helps them close after that gently pat dry the face with a clean cotton cloth.

  1. Facial massage

Next on the queue is facial massage, one must choose the cream according to the type of skin as every cream does not suit all skin types. Go natural for safer and better results. full body to body massage providers prefer mild and light creams, made up of herbs like aloe vera and other things. Apply the cream after rubbing the cream gently between the palms. Gently massage the whole facial area by repetitive movements of palms and fingers over the face. Make sure all the areas are covered.

  1. Face pack

After almost a massage session of twenty-five minutes, it is time to apply a homemade face pack which will ensure no after side effects on the skin. Apply the thick layer of the pack over the face which should be consistent and then let it dry for some time. Lastly wash it with cold water and pat dry with clean cotton cloth.

Thus, this massage will surely benefit the skin and the stress will be removed. Many males in Delhi who are taking so much pollution everyday are coming to body massage providers for this, so that they can have a marvellous glow on face.

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