Massage is a Medicine, not Pampering

The massage medical therapy, being in use since ages, has lost its meaning and people now consider it more as pampering instead of medicine. Just to have its benefits without knowing about the procedure would be unfair to the people who invented this important medicine. In order to know about massage first we need to erase all wrong info heard or read about massage because then only you can understand what it is in actual.


This medicinal act evolved into many form according to the requirement of cure for disease. In the past few years, researches unearthed few very major roles of massage therapy in human body like boosting the immune system of women having breast cancer, lowering down the rate of problem in asthmatic children, and helping with syndromes of carpal tunnel. Every person including a newborn to an old individual, massage has shown highly effectiveness to everyone.

Now we all know that wellness and relaxation are basic things what massage brings but other than that, there were actually numerous other benefits too that we uncovered gradually. A 45-minute session of massage leads to the decrement of a stress hormone in human blood known as cortisol as well as decrement of cytokine protein, which is the cause of allergies. In addition, the biggest thing that massage is involved in is the boost in white blood corpuscles (WBC) to increase our strength of fighting the infections.

What Researches Found

In a study including 30 participants in 2009, researchers found that a full body massage in delhi amazingly boosted the immune function of women having breast cancer who were currently under the radiation process and it lowered their heart rate and BP.

A massage of 20 minutes given to children every night by their parents for a continuous rate of over 5 weeks improved the functioning of their lungs, ultimately doing a significant improvement in asthmatic treatment. The study was a result on 60 children.

A small study showed that massage after 10 minutes of hard work out boosted the muscle recovery and helped the body to relax easily. These things show why massage has been in use as a medicine and why it should remain so in future. Massage is usually one person’s work on other person’s body but the thing is, if you need a perfect massage, then an expert massage therapist with a minimum required hours of training can be good for you.

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