Some Useful Tips for Male Massage

Massage provides relaxation; however, the tricks that work for women may not necessarily work for a man. Here are some tips to get the best results with massage for men.


  • Setting the Mood: The candles and ocean sound may not be as relaxing to a man as the dim lights. Also, instead of the piano music, you may perhaps tune into a ball game on the radio. If you are not sure, ask him how he would like the ambiance to be set up.
  • Mixing the Oil: Mixing the carrier oil and essential oil properly is the key to getting the best massage. The mixture should be made depending upon the type of oils you are using. Sandalwood essential oil lowers stress while neroli oil triggers happiness.
  • Starting from the Top: It is best to start with the scalp massage. The stress from daily hustle-bustle of life can make the man stressed and scalp massage helps in reducing the stress level and easing the headache.
  • Relaxing the Back: It would be best to massage the back of the man after the scalp. Most men are involved in sedentary lifestyle and hence they need their back to be released. Put some oil on your hand and then rub the back in the circular motion.
  • Ending with the Feet: A good foot massage can go a long way in providing relaxation to the man. Make sure that you are massaging the foot with the warm oil.

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