Switch to Massage in 2016

We all began New Year with a lot of hustle bustle, parties, shopping, dinner, outings, cooking, travelling and many more. But, the holiday rush finally starts to wind down with passing months. And our New Year Resolution also starts to fade down. Usually, people decide to live a happy, fit, healthy and wealthy New Year but end up having stress and tensions which result in illness and aches in the body. It is not always necessary that you will go for exercise, workout and bodybuilding to have a fit body. A stress-free body is considered as best because it is free from illness and body aches. So, this year switch to massage for a stress-free and healthy body:


  1. Many case studies revealed that the body massage has the capacity to reduce the body pain and relieves the brain from stress. Body massage stimulates the blood circulation and enhances mental and physical performance.
  2. Head massage relieves from headache and relaxes brain from tensions and trauma. It also maintains that blood pressure within range.
  3. Massage lowers down the secretion of Cortisol in the body which reduces the stress. This will keep the cardiac diseases like heart failure and angina away from the body.
  4. Massage relaxes the body muscles resulting in a flexible body.
  5. Body massage in kailash colony reduces the symptoms of carpal tunnel in which the pain starts from median forearm and left the body from the wrist. Massage reduces the problem of tingling and numbness in hands.

Hope! This year you will switch to massage and cut down stress for a healthy lifestyle.

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