Daily Massage: Good or Bad?

Massage is delighting because it is relaxing. It releases stress, strengthen immune system, takes away pain and aches, gives your restful sleeps and many more. If we count the benefits then the list will never end up but, the question arise is daily massage good or bad for the body? Well, it depends on the type of massage which you are getting. It also depends on the tolerance level of your body.




Before taking daily massage you have to be careful as your body release toxic substances and lactic acid starts producing in the muscles. That’s why some people feel nauseous after the massage session. If you want to release out toxins from the body, then you should take Swedish massage as it is light and mind soothing. Avoid deep massage daily as it gives soreness to your body.

You can also go for Thai message, Deep tissue massage and Shiastu as the oil used in them penetrates in the deep layers and releases the toxins easily. These massage sessions will relax you mind, balance the toxicity level, lower high blood pressure, makes your skin supple and many more.

The techniques used in the massage sessions are healing for the body that helps to maintain the body in shape. Hot stone massage is one of the most soothing massage and people often find such sessions sheer pleasure. In this, the body is weighted down with hot stones and rub them on your body smoothly. This reduces the tension and shoulder and backache from the body.

So, taking massage sessions daily is good for health if you are taking light sessions with proper care.