How to give an effective back massage

Everyone loves getting a great massage but you will find it more pleasurable to give one. Massage is a gift that removes pains, relaxes the muscles, lessens stress, tensions and refills you with energy. Being a professional massage therapist takes time and money. However, you can learn some basic things to giftyour loved ones a perfect back massage session with the below techniques.


  • A table

Well, a massage table is best for giving the person an astonishing experience but if you do not own one, below are few alternatives for that.

  1. Use the floor: You are not short of one. It is right underneath. Make sure to clean it very well because you will be spending plenty of minutes on your knees.
  2. Use Couch: a good sofa can work well.
  3. Kitchen table: This is one of the best alternatives of massage table. Use a cushion and it will be ok.
  • Preparation

Prepare a soft ground for the person who wants the massage. Put a pillow where the persons chest will be placed. You can use scented candles for a good ambiance along with some soft karaoke or rhythmic music. Tell person to lay and cover the lower half with a towel. If the person has pants on then you can simply stuck the towel in the waistline.

  • Massaging

First of all, let the person know that you are about to begin your work over the back. Tell him or her to interrupt right away when he or she feels any kind of pain or discomfort. The part of comfort mostly depends on the persons trust over you.

Now take the massage oil and have it rubbed onto your hands. Rub it until you feel the warmness and then slowly spread the oil over the persons back. You can do this with long and light strokes across persons back. Make sure to cover the neck and shoulder area, and do avoid a lot of oil. You can take more whenever you want.

  • Palm Circles

Now use palms to make small circles in a way that only one hand is used and other one is over it. Start with lower back. Put your one palm over person body, put other one over it, and start giving small circular movements. Make sure that your chest applies the pressure for these movements rather than your shoulders.

  • Muscle Lifting

Move up and down with your hands as L shaped 2 or 3 times. It will get smoother with regular practice.

  • Knuckles Use

Knuckles use is a great comforting ting while back sure to apply pressure only on the upper back and not on the lower half. With loose fist and arms straight, move upwards and then drag knuckles lightly downwards.

  • Repeat these all

Repeat these all at an interval of 8-10 minutes and keep doing this until the massage gets over.