Difference in Balinese massage and Swedish massage

Both these massages describe half their history through their names. Swedish massage developed as a major western massage now is available across the world whereas the Indonesian massage from Bali is actually a result of traditional Indian and Chinese medicine system. Let us see individually what they actually are.


Swedish massage

One of the most popular massages, Swedish massage or the classic massage has its own perks. Use of hands and palms with tap and stretch, Swedish massage release body stress. The circular pressure is the chief application in this body relaxing and stress buster massage.  The main areas served under Swedish massage are muscles, tissues, shoulders and neck. The practitioner rubs the hands in the blood flow direction towards heart. If the therapist is skillful, you will feel quite relaxed while the massage as well as after the massage. It should be first massage of anyone who is having massage for the very first time.

Balinese massage

The whole technique of Balinese massage is a mixture of several things with essential medicated oils. Acupressure, percussion, firm and gentle strokes, flicking and skin rolling, these all come under the Balinese ways of massaging. Sometimes, therapists apply stone massage too as Balinese massage. The purpose of this type of massage is to make the person feel relax and loose some fascial restrictions. Moreover, the person also has stimulated lymphatic system and the flow of blood gets better with it making this a completely different massage as per the benefits are concern.

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