Types of Ayurvedic Massage

Usually, the types of massages we often hear are international names but few massages widely known in world are Indian gifts to society. Perhaps you have heard the word Ayurveda. Ayurvedic massages have an immense range of massages in it including the Panchakrma, which is a week long massage, to a 15 minute hit oil scalp massage. We will go through few very widely used Ayurvedic massage type in this article ahead.


Kerala Traditional Massage

This is one of the famous Ayurveda therapy developed and used in Kerala from ancient times. Firstly the massage became popular nationwide and now it is a global mania. Why so, because this fully herbal based medicinal treatment has a set of massages that come with great benefits. Kerala massages include Njavara, Sirodhara, Kizhi, Ela Kizhi etc. These treatments have scientific evidences to help in many human body disorders and sicknesses. Several medicated oils take part in these therapies with proper traditional regulations.

Panchakrma Treatment

As mentioned above, the Panchakrma is a long treatment course of Ayurvedic massage. The course runs for minimum 7 days and can take as long as 28 days to end. The time depends on the chronic nature of the problem or disease and the duration has to be a multiple of seven as 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. This time is as per the Indian cycle of days or the lunar cycle where the month is usually of 28 days. The lunar cycle has an effect over our body, which is taken in consideration while performing this Ayurvedic massage.


The famous ElaKizhi is a massage involving herbs and medicinal leaves. Application of several medicinal leaves to a specific body part or to the whole part is main thing in this massage. First, these leaves are chopped in small pieces and then they are dipped in hot medicated oils for a while with the help of muslin bags. After that, this leaf cover stays for 45 minutes over body and this continuous for 7 to 14 days, as per requirement. To strengthen our muscular and nervous system, it is a great massage type.


As the word describes itself, Sirodhara means, continuous flow over head (Siro- head, Dhara- flow). Head is the root of our body and is the start of everything we do. Our every action, reaction takes first orders from brain. Keeping that thing in balance is important and Sirodhara perfectly do that. Warm oils, buttermilk, several herbal extracts are continuously streamed over the mind to make our body and mind in balance. It is a 35-minute long thing done for 7 to 21 days. People have seen mental disorders being cured through this magical and ancient massage.

Major Benefits of Swedish Massage

For maintenance of a good health or fighting any specific problem, massage is in use from very long time. Swedish massage is one of the majorly used massages in the world and the benefits from it are popular all around the world. From those numerous benefits from Swedish massage, here I have a collection of few major ones.


Mind Balance in Anxiousness and Stress Situations

Anxiety relieving is one of the most popular things that Swedish massage brings.People who find the symptoms of stress and depression often go for Swedish massage. In simple words, it will be impossible to have an inch of stress left after Swedish massage. The tight muscles receive the pressure during massage wiping all the tension. This skin stimulation done while Swedish massage, deeply relaxes the muscles and entire body. Another main thing that comes while massage is that, you find out more about your body, and start feeling muscles that were unknown to you before. It is like discovering you when you feel more connected to your own body. As you become more aware of your body parts, your mind and body makes balance easing all the anxiety and depression.

Moreover, Swedish massage has a great positive impact on a healthy sleep. Relaxing perfectly and getting a peaceful sleep certainly helps in reordering the brain cells. The insomniacs have very positive effect of this massage. In addition, healthy sleep helps our body to heal itself as well as it betters our immune system.

Lymph System Workout

There is a firm pressure directed in Swedish massage, which diametrically affects every system of the body comprising the soft tissues, like ligaments and muscles, nerves as well as glands. It is actually not just a fantastic muscle rub, it is much better than that. Your performance of lymph system is bettered as all the muscles and tissues are softly relaxed and stimulated. It happens because the whole pressure applied while massaging is in the direction of flow of blood back to the heart.

Strained Stiff Muscles

This generally happens with the athletes but you can get muscle strains in day to day life too. When lymph system is aided by this massage, all the metabolic waste as uric acid or lactic acid is flushed. It ultimately shortens down your time of recovery from strained muscles and makes you better faster. The main thing that daily Swedish massage also brings is the flexibility in your body.

Extra Benefits of Body Massages

Massage therapies help bodies to relax and feel comfortable. Different types of massages all over the world and with different styles and culture are in use. Massages are very effective for any injury and pain. Like this, there are many other advantages and effectiveness of body massages.


  • Comfort

Effective body massages make people more relax but the first important thing is the comfort of client. When client let you know about his/her points which needs relaxation than they need is comfort zone during massage and peace of mind. More comfortable the client more it influence the effectiveness of body massage. Important thing is about peace of mind and relaxation but it will be secondary in front of comfort level.

  • Blood circulation

Massage is very good therapy for increasing blood circulation. Through body massage, blood circulation means oxygen in tissue improves. Sometime in our body adequate oxygen are not reach in different body parts or tissues that causes nausea, headache. Even the nerves of body will look blue in some cases due to low blood circulation in parts. Massage can help in this and also reduce or remove bloods clot.

  • Effect on skin

During the massage, the area of body, which will effect first, is our skin. Different kind of oils, creams and lotions are used during massage that improve the skin tone, remove dead layer or cells of skin and make the cells more energetic & refresh. Overall, it improves the health of skin.

  • Peace

Effectiveness of body massage is peace of mind. Every person needs peace in their lives to make mature and correct decisions, to live happily, to find some cool and interesting stuffs or entertainment. If anyone is disturbed then they can’t live like this. Peace increases the plans, creativity, and initiative in difficult situation also. Everyone likes peace in his or her life but not in pieces.

  • Stress level

In our generation, every person is in stress. Whatever the reason of stress but the stress is like oxygen now but stress effects our health and mind like carbon dioxide. If the concentration of carbon dioxide increases in our body then it leads to death also. And if the stress continuously increase than it will affect our life in negative sense. So release of stress is very important. Effective body massage helps in stress releasing also.

  • Effectiveness

Therapistsareprosin their work. They help in improvement of body movements, health, circulation, oxygen level. In massages, the blood is flow back to heart to increase circulation of blood. Starting with feet and gradually or muscle to muscle it massages the body. Due to ingredients of massage, materials increase the tone of skin and smoothing of skin. Relaxations of muscles and mind, stress release, reduce pain etc. are motive of the body massage.