5 Natural Cures for Diabetes

Diabetes can be a deadly disease and its instances amongst the population on rise these days. While the usual Type 1 diabetes is not very much common, yet it can be devastating. It is largely caused by weight gain, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and others including controllable risk factors. Fortunately, the mother Earth has blessed us with some elements that can effectively help to eliminate Diabetes naturally, without a need to rely on medicine (depending upon your level of Diabetes).

Here are 5 natural cures for Diabetes treatment:



Arginine is one of the amino acid that is found available in most of the health food stores as a nutritional supplement. In many studies it has been found that this element helps to stimulate the pancreas and produce beta cells. Beta cells are special kinds of pancreatic cells that help to produce insulin.


Goldenseal is a yet another herb that comes with a long history of medicinal use. It contains an essential element berberine which is a bioactive compound. Goldenseal is being used in various kinds of massage and body to body massage sessions. It is also being used in some spa treatments to help your release insulin.


A naturally sweet plant that is being used widely a substitute of sugar. It is a good choice for the diabetes patients and has helped them to avoid simple carbohydrate consumption’s. It is known to contain compounds that can rejuvenate pancreatic beta cells. Its actions are similar to an anti-diabetic drug called glibenclamide but without unwanted side effects.

Red clover

Red Clover was traditionally assumed to be a women’s herb because of its numerous hormone balancing properties. It is also great for diabetes patients as well. It contains an active compound known as genistein which helps to stimulate beta cell proliferation in the pancreatic region.

Fig leaves

Fig leaves are yet another interesting and helpful compound that is believed to have plenty of anti diabetic effects. Diabetes patients who intake supplements of fig leaves do not require as much insulin as non consumers.

These substances are easily available in the market and their use can make a huge different to the young diabetes patients. Those who have reached unfortunate stage of diabetes need proper medical care and massage sessions to enhance the effect of treatment on their body and fight the side effects.

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