What are chronic diseases?

Chronic diseases are long-term medical conditions that are generally progressive in nature. Some examples of chronic disease are heart problems, stroke, diabetes and chronic respiratory problems. Chronic disease is the one which is lasting 3 months or more.

Chronic disease just cannot be cured by vaccine or by meditation, nor they just disappear. Though it becomes more common with growing age.


Cardiovascular problems are the major diseases is the world’s leading cause of death. Due to increased usage of tobacco and lack of physical health activity has marked to continuously increase in heart disease. Relatively small changes may help to have a profound impact on public health.

Cancer is another major issue in public health though it’s controlled through early detection, prevention, etc. The doctors and health departments have been working to reduce chronic diseases which are leading to impact the world population. One among them is massage therapy, according to researchers this act as a medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases.

How does massage be helpful?

Being a social animal we are away from the fact that a touch can do magic in combating various acute as well as chronic diseases. Massage plays a vital role as it could be understood from the following consequences of massage therapy.

  1. It reduces stress.
  2. Increases joint flexibility.
  3. Smooth down the injured areas
  4. It increases circulation that consequently increases the supply of oxygen to various body parts and releases fluids and nutrients in various organs.
  5. Decreases discomfort of patients with back pains.
  6. Relieves the pain of migraine sufferers and decreases the need for medicines.
  7. Help increasing the release of endorphins, which is a body’s natural painkiller.
  8. It helps to reduce cramping.
  9. Massage increases the smooth function of body’s largest organ, skin.
  10. Reduces hospital visits and regular massage decreases the use of medication.

Patients, whether suffering from acute or chronic disease goes through a lot of pain and increasing health issues.various researchers after years of study and analysis have come to the conclusion what massage can do what medication cannot. While medication plays its role to cure body through drugs, at the same time, massage is a step further which help reduce the pain and ill-effects of drugs, that are being consumed. In this era of high stress, it is highly advised to have a regular body massage so as to avoid the major after effects of treatments.