Body-to-Body Massage – Discover a New Personality in You

There are lots of choices available to go with when it comes to going through a massage, but the most sensual one is tantric massage or body to body massage in south extenstion. This type of massage can be used for multiple purposes – from therapy to erotic happiness. Do you want to discover a new personality hidden in you? If yes, then you must give a try to body to body sensual massage.


Skin to Skin Treatment

If you are going to choose such a massage for therapeutic purposes, you need to understand that it shouldn’t be erotic. It is a kind of skin to skin therapy that helps people getting rid of physical and psychological boundaries. With the help of such a massage, you can free yourself from various psychological complexes.

It’s a Physical Therapy

The biggest advantage of going with a body to body massage session is that you can be able to unveil the benefits of a physical therapy. Since it is a kind of physical therapy, you can be able to rediscover your personality with hidden pleasure and excitement. Once you go through a massage session, you will feel quite relaxed. You will experience improved mobility and activeness in your physical structure.

Touch New Heights of Consciousness

Since body to body massage is also used as a spiritual activity or practice, you can be able to touch new heights of consciousness. You will be able to enjoy new visions. You can be able to witness nature through your mind’s eye. The skin to skin massage helps you touching the highest level of relaxation and peace.

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You Don’t Have To Be In Bali for a Balinese Massage, You Can Get One in Delhi Too

The denizens of Bali, Thailand came up with a unique therapy which they called Balinese massage. But it does carry with it all lessons from the schools of massage in India, China and Southeast Asia.


This technique involves a combination of the skills involved in acupressure and skin rolling. Some essential oils also find themselves in a Balinese massage, so you are sure to find some elements of an aromatherapy massage in a Balinese massage. There are always some firms but gentle strokes involves in a Balinese massage that do the trick.

As a result of a Balinese massage which you are sure to find in Delhi, you are sure to feel your blood flowing through your body all the more smoothly. You are bound to be a lot more relaxed after a session with a therapist.

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