What are chronic diseases?

Chronic diseases are long-term medical conditions that are generally progressive in nature. Some examples of chronic disease are heart problems, stroke, diabetes and chronic respiratory problems. Chronic disease is the one which is lasting 3 months or more.

Chronic disease just cannot be cured by vaccine or by meditation, nor they just disappear. Though it becomes more common with growing age.


Cardiovascular problems are the major diseases is the world’s leading cause of death. Due to increased usage of tobacco and lack of physical health activity has marked to continuously increase in heart disease. Relatively small changes may help to have a profound impact on public health.

Cancer is another major issue in public health though it’s controlled through early detection, prevention, etc. The doctors and health departments have been working to reduce chronic diseases which are leading to impact the world population. One among them is massage therapy, according to researchers this act as a medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases.

How does massage be helpful?

Being a social animal we are away from the fact that a touch can do magic in combating various acute as well as chronic diseases. Massage plays a vital role as it could be understood from the following consequences of massage therapy.

  1. It reduces stress.
  2. Increases joint flexibility.
  3. Smooth down the injured areas
  4. It increases circulation that consequently increases the supply of oxygen to various body parts and releases fluids and nutrients in various organs.
  5. Decreases discomfort of patients with back pains.
  6. Relieves the pain of migraine sufferers and decreases the need for medicines.
  7. Help increasing the release of endorphins, which is a body’s natural painkiller.
  8. It helps to reduce cramping.
  9. Massage increases the smooth function of body’s largest organ, skin.
  10. Reduces hospital visits and regular massage decreases the use of medication.

Patients, whether suffering from acute or chronic disease goes through a lot of pain and increasing health issues.various researchers after years of study and analysis have come to the conclusion what massage can do what medication cannot. While medication plays its role to cure body through drugs, at the same time, massage is a step further which help reduce the pain and ill-effects of drugs, that are being consumed. In this era of high stress, it is highly advised to have a regular body massage so as to avoid the major after effects of treatments.

Benefits of full body massage

Getting full body massage done at regular intervals is increasingly becoming popular. Full body massage involves rubbing and manipulating tendons, muscles, ligaments and skin. It has several benefits both psychologically as well as physically. It is however essential to consult a physician before going for a massage if you are suffering from certain medical conditions such as fractures, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, blood clots,  osteoporosis or if you are expecting your baby. There are several body massage by female, Delhi which will provide you with excellent body massage services at reasonable rates too.

Here are some of the reasons why full body massage is beneficial for you:

  • Stiffness and pain relief: When a massage is done the body releases endorphins which is a pain reliever and thus relieves the body of pain and stiffness. Muscles that are overused, sore or tired are able to relax and soften through the massage.
  • Reduces anxiety, stress and depression: A massage has the property to reduce stress in most of the people and may also reduce symptoms such as s depression and anxiety. Massage relaxes the tired and stressed muscles of the body and leads to better sleep, increased energy, less fatigue and better concentration.
  • Increased circulation: When full body massage is done, it leads to increased circulation. Massage when done properly can assist nutrients and oxygen reaches the tissues and organs of the body. Massage also leads to control of blood pressure. Regular massage along with taking the correct medicines for the prescribed period of time can provide several medical benefits and help the person to recover quickly.
  • Skin benefits: Massage can improve skin tone as it helps in removing dead skin cells over the entire body. It also leads to tissue regeneration and thereby helps reduce the appearance of stretch and scar marks in the body. Massage provides the much needed moisture to the body. The stimulated blood flow improves the appearance and health of the skin as well.
  • Increasing flexibility: Whether you are an athlete who has to put stress on knees constantly or someone who has lost some range of motion in your hips, a good massage would help you to stay flexible by working the connective tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons and also by stimulating the production and retention of natural lubricants between the connective tissue fibres.
  • Immune system function: Massage can also lead to increase in immune system’s functionality. The massage helps in stimulating the lymphatic system which in turns assist the immune system protect the body.

Massaging hair can help in hair growth

Beautiful locks are assets of your body; it adds beauty to your face. But, keeping them strong and nourished is a tedious task. Pollution, hormonal changes, stress, undernourished diet and many other reasons lead to damaged and dull hair. Damaged hair grows very slowly and looks weird too. In order to prevent this, people use different types of products that are made of chemicals, worsen the situation. Performing hair care routine keeps your locks clean, moisturized and conditioned that promotes the growth and keep them healthy and strong. Massaging scalp is a great way to nourish the roots of hairs which in turn provides strength to them. Massaging hair promotes the blood circulation and reduces the stress level in the body.




Massaging scalp stimulates the blood flow in the scalp and provides you potential benefits. Massaging scalp needs some basic steps: Rubbing, relaxing and applying pressure to the scalp with finger. The increased blood flow in the scalp leads to reduction in loss of hairs. The follicles become strong and hold the roots of hairs tightly and make them thick and shiny. Kneading the scalp warm the surface of the skin and allows absorption of oil by the follicles which in result condition it, and strengthen the roots. Massaging scalp reduces the stress level in the body and makes the body energetic and efficient to work. It also stimulates the growth of hairs follicles. You can use nourishing oils while massaging scalp that makes the hair shaft, hair root and scalp smooth and strong.

So, girls and guys strengthen the roots of your hair with scalp massage therapy. If you are looking to body to body massage visit our website we can help you to tension free massage.

Does massage help in body detoxification?

The human body is complex and involves the continuous release of toxic chemicals from the body in the form of sweat, tears and many more. The detoxification process mainly involves the circulatory and lymphatic system. But, sometimes our modern life and sedentary lifestyle hinder this natural process. To keep the things in place, people go for body detoxify massage therapy that stimulates the circulatory system and tone the organs that help in chemical detoxification.


Detox massage is relaxing for the body and also helps in eliminating toxic waste from the body. It is similar to the cleansing process which we often do to clean our skin deeply. A detox massage expels out pain related to headache, organ dysfunctions, fatigue and fibromyalgia from the body and relaxes the mind and body.

Detox massage is helpful in removing body’s intrinsic chemicals because the therapist applies rhythmic strokes that stimulate the body. Detox massage involves the combination of massage movements that pressurize the body parts and stretches the muscles. The massage movement’s acts like a sponge, whenever the therapist pressurizes the muscles it automatically squeezes out the toxins from the muscle fibres and body cells. This toxic material reaches the circulatory system and comes out of the body.

There are different types of detox massage therapies like Swedish massage, Chinese massage and lymph massage. In all of them, people usually go for lymphatic massage.  In this, the therapist applies strokes that stimulate the lymphatic system to release out dietary toxin and other unwanted elements. The strokes also remove the blockages which are there in the circulatory system. It strengthens the immune system, makes the muscles strong and toughens the connective tissues.

Switch to Massage in 2016

We all began New Year with a lot of hustle bustle, parties, shopping, dinner, outings, cooking, travelling and many more. But, the holiday rush finally starts to wind down with passing months. And our New Year Resolution also starts to fade down. Usually, people decide to live a happy, fit, healthy and wealthy New Year but end up having stress and tensions which result in illness and aches in the body. It is not always necessary that you will go for exercise, workout and bodybuilding to have a fit body. A stress-free body is considered as best because it is free from illness and body aches. So, this year switch to massage for a stress-free and healthy body:


  1. Many case studies revealed that the body massage has the capacity to reduce the body pain and relieves the brain from stress. Body massage stimulates the blood circulation and enhances mental and physical performance.
  2. Head massage relieves from headache and relaxes brain from tensions and trauma. It also maintains that blood pressure within range.
  3. Massage lowers down the secretion of Cortisol in the body which reduces the stress. This will keep the cardiac diseases like heart failure and angina away from the body.
  4. Massage relaxes the body muscles resulting in a flexible body.
  5. Body massage in kailash colony reduces the symptoms of carpal tunnel in which the pain starts from median forearm and left the body from the wrist. Massage reduces the problem of tingling and numbness in hands.

Hope! This year you will switch to massage and cut down stress for a healthy lifestyle.

Get Rid Of The Pain Associated With Sciatica When You Get A Massage Done

A good massage done at the local massage parlour is probably the best way to get rid of the pain associated with sciatica. This is a severe pain that hits your back or your legs. It is usually the result when the root of a spinal nerve  is compressed. There is often a damage to an in vertebral disc associated with this.


This is where most of the medications in Kailash Colony, Dehi are going to be futile. No amount of injections or surgeries are going to work here either. You are bound to need a good therapist to work on the pain associated with sciatica.

For most patients,  results are obvious within a short time. The pain experienced when one has sciatica is often caused by the poor alignment of some bones of the spinal cord. They can be put back in place by applying a bit of pressure on them.

They can be stretched as well to get the same effect. Do get in touch with a good therapist for the most effective results. Some good and effective tips are available on the internet as well.

You are going to need a lot of rest when you are affected by sciatica. Your body needs to relax and rest. Take care to keep clear of all forms of physical exertions and physical exercises. You are going to have to keep away from all sorts of active sports like football or cricket when you are recovering from sciatica. Swimming can be helpful in this case.

A Drop Of Oil To The Massage Oil Works Miracles

A massage can work miracles fore you if you are suffering from a chronic pain or even if you feel your muscles cramped or a bit strained. A regular massage is going to be very good for your overall health too.


It is always going to be good if you prepared for the oil massage you give. Those in Greater Kailash, Delhi are sure to get the best services if they opt for the online services.

It is always good if you arranged for a therapist who can give a massage to you every single day of your life. If the therapist applies oil over your body besides applying pressure to your body, be sure the therapist uses some drops of essential oil to the oil he or she uses for the final massage.

To begin with, make sure the room has an atmosphere congenial to massage. Use a comfortable bed to make the one in need of massage lie down. The room should be warm and cosy.

Be sure to dim the lighting in the room. You can use candles to brighten up the aura. You can add to the effect by using some   good scents. Lavender is going to be very good for the patients.

Make sure there is some soft music in the background. It shouldn’t be something loud and strong. It should always be something your clients like.

Make sure the oil you use for giving the massage is warm and pleasing. You can even try to apply a bit of heat to your hands. A warm hand coupled with some warm oil is going to lead to a soothing experience.

Some Pleasuring Massages in Hectic Life

We have seen people doing several kinds of massages in their homes, even without knowing the right technique of doing them. Even most of you do the same massages falsely, and the person taking the massage end up unsatisfied. We will introduce you to some of the best body massage services Delhi to give you an unforgettable feel.


Full Body Massage

You can have the full body massage centres Delhi at very reasonable rates and your every paining muscle will be taken care of very effectively. You will have a perfect relief of massage after going to a full body massage parlour Delhi.

International Massages

Several international massages can be yours in Delhi. You can have the best Thai body massage Delhi to reduce the stress level. It helps in levelling the blood pressure in an individual too. Thai massage offers stress reduction in muscles and thus, helps in providing good fluid range to muscles for better work. The Balinese massages Delhi includes a lot of oiling and helps in deep relaxation of whole body. It is useful in deeply unblocking the muscles. There are sleep problems faced by people, on which Balinese massage is an effective treatment.

Ayurvedic Massage

You can have the incredible old gift of Indian culture through Ayurvedic body massage by females in Delhi. It is a combination of several massage techniques useful in nourishing our brain, increasing mental strength, soft skin, good calming of nerves and many more. It is usually performed before bath, so that you can have the benefits of those toxins released during massage.

Discover Ways to Revitalize Your Mind Through Exercise And Massage

Daily routine is seldom exciting and it often leads to a dull and dismal feeling. It is essential to re energize yourself once in a while.

There are several re energizers available in the market in Delhi that boast of getting back your energy and vitality in a few seconds, but you should always consider natural methods to get back the energy and vigor.


  1. The reason that the body feels a bit tired or you feel drowsy and sleepy is that you are not getting enough rest and adequate sleep. Make sure you get enough hours of sleep and rest and life is going to be wonderful for you.
  1. The best way to do it is going to be opting for a walk around the office, or even your home quite often. This is going to leave you feeling fresh and happy throughout the day.
  1. Another important way is to ensure you are eating well. A good balanced diet is very essential for a healthy person. It is going to make sure you stay healthy, fit and fine. You are not likely to feel sleepy or tired any more. You should have good amounts of fat, carbohydrates and proteins in your diet.
  1. Opting for meditation in the morning or making it a part of your daily routine can also make your life happy. This is another way to kick out stress from your brain and even your body. It is going to refresh and revitalize you. You are bound to do your work faster and be happier this way.
  1. Regular sessions of body massage done by a professional at a massage parlour are always going to give you a refreshed and revitalized body, mind and soul. Bu the important point is that the massage should be done properly and by a professional.
  1. Sessions of yoga can work miracles, but you should be sure to get professional help at this quarter. Yoga is the best form of meditation you can opt for, and it can re-vitalize and re-energize you instantly.

Every Ache is Just a Touch Away

It is a tough war between work and body and your body wins with ease. The most common example is that you go to an office, your boss gives you a lot of work, and then you are doing all the hard work to impress him. Ultimately, your body proves that it can handle any task but losses after that when it ends up by all the mental and physical stages left with unwanted pain and stress. However, if you are in Delhi then you can get over that pain again with one of the finest massage services in Delhi. We bring you a range of massage services blended with refreshing and beautiful ambiance.


This way of pulling the body pain down has been in use since the times of ancient kings. Back then, only the richer people were capable enough to pay the expenses of a body massage. Only few mastered the techniques back then and kings used to hire them. Now as the time has gone, the massaging has reached every corner of the world. We are also delivering the most beautiful of the massage types from all around the world to the people.

Main thing is that our prices are not even, close to what other charge you and our experts also stand at the top with massage techniques. So if you are looking to shoot everybody ache in few minutes without spending much, just contact us in our centre in south delhi. We assure you that, you will love to meet us again.