Spa treatment for Stress

Most of the people admit that they have been suffering from stress. Moreover, maintaining healthy eating habits is also difficult in today’s time. Whether you eat a lot to fill your emotional needs or grab the fast food because you didn’t had the time to prepare something healthy, a stressed out lifestyle like this is unlikely to be a healthy choice for your body. Weight gain during stress is also very common and it might be due to body’s system of hormonal balance and check. Dealing with stress can be painful and finding solutions to get out of it is not that easy.


However, a spa session can be a blessing in disguise if you are able to get some premium massage sessions that help to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Some of the effective spa treatments for stress are described below:


An aromatherapy massage with lavenders is one of the best spa treatments. It is being though that the chemical makeup of lavender can reverse the negative and harmful effect of certain inducing hormones like cortisol and help you feel easy and better.

Shirodhara (Herbal oil bath for head) 

A classy Ayurvedic treatment that uses a stream of warm oil being dripped on the forehead of the recipient for long 45 minutes followed by a scalp massage. Shirodhara is a perfect stress relieving practice and helps to calm the mind and body. It is found to be especially effective for those experiencing anxiety, stress and depression in general. This practice enables the natural expansion of the recipient’s consciousness and leads to experiencing of natural state of bliss.

General Herbal Body Massage      

Another effective stress reducer is general herbal body massage. This form of massage is designed to balance mind, body and spirit and begins with a scalp massage being followed by a rhythmic body massage processed with herbal cream and oils to increase your blood circulation. It gently detoxifies, enhances the immunity and is also good for nerves and skin by creating deep root relaxation within body.

Another successful and widely used method for stress reduction is body to body massage. Under this form of massage, different body parts are being used to create pressure on receiver’s body which is dipped in oil. Such massage sessions are very popular and you can catch one easily to get live experience in our website.