Types of Ayurvedic Massage

Usually, the types of massages we often hear are international names but few massages widely known in world are Indian gifts to society. Perhaps you have heard the word Ayurveda. Ayurvedic massages have an immense range of massages in it including the Panchakrma, which is a week long massage, to a 15 minute hit oil scalp massage. We will go through few very widely used Ayurvedic massage type in this article ahead.


Kerala Traditional Massage

This is one of the famous Ayurveda therapy developed and used in Kerala from ancient times. Firstly the massage became popular nationwide and now it is a global mania. Why so, because this fully herbal based medicinal treatment has a set of massages that come with great benefits. Kerala massages include Njavara, Sirodhara, Kizhi, Ela Kizhi etc. These treatments have scientific evidences to help in many human body disorders and sicknesses. Several medicated oils take part in these therapies with proper traditional regulations.

Panchakrma Treatment

As mentioned above, the Panchakrma is a long treatment course of Ayurvedic massage. The course runs for minimum 7 days and can take as long as 28 days to end. The time depends on the chronic nature of the problem or disease and the duration has to be a multiple of seven as 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. This time is as per the Indian cycle of days or the lunar cycle where the month is usually of 28 days. The lunar cycle has an effect over our body, which is taken in consideration while performing this Ayurvedic massage.


The famous ElaKizhi is a massage involving herbs and medicinal leaves. Application of several medicinal leaves to a specific body part or to the whole part is main thing in this massage. First, these leaves are chopped in small pieces and then they are dipped in hot medicated oils for a while with the help of muslin bags. After that, this leaf cover stays for 45 minutes over body and this continuous for 7 to 14 days, as per requirement. To strengthen our muscular and nervous system, it is a great massage type.


As the word describes itself, Sirodhara means, continuous flow over head (Siro- head, Dhara- flow). Head is the root of our body and is the start of everything we do. Our every action, reaction takes first orders from brain. Keeping that thing in balance is important and Sirodhara perfectly do that. Warm oils, buttermilk, several herbal extracts are continuously streamed over the mind to make our body and mind in balance. It is a 35-minute long thing done for 7 to 21 days. People have seen mental disorders being cured through this magical and ancient massage.