The Reasons Why We Should Go for Abhyangam Massage

There is one thing we will need to face; we can’t be in denial anymore. No matter where we look today there is negativity and stress. We all are caught up in the ugly mesh of deadlines and consumerism. We all want to work harder and make money. But we fail to realize that all of this taking a toll on our body. It is important to understand that while being successful is good it is also essential to take care of the health. Thankfully, we have the massage therapy that can take care of many of your issues including stress. Visit us at Massage in delhi and we will help you get rid of the stress in your body as well as your mind.


There are various types of massage techniques available these days. However, not all of them are as effective as the Ayurvedic Abhyangam massage. In fact, you may already know that Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine and healing of the world. Abhyangam massage is one part of this huge system.

It is quite similar to the Ayurvedic oil massage that is provided by many parlours. However, to deliver this type of massage the therapist has to have immense knowledge of the modality. This is the reason why not everyone is able to deliver it the way it is supposed to be. Thankfully, at Massage in R K Puram we have the most talented and knowledgeable therapists who will provide the full benefits of this therapy to you.

Abhyangam is the massage technique that makes use of the oils generously. The oils used for this massage are medicated using the natural herbs. Usually, the massage is given with the warm oil. Using this technique, the entire body is covered with the medicated oil. This massage has been in practice for thousands of years and has given profound benefits to the people.

Many people who have taken this massage as well as the experts believe that it elicits same kind of feeling as being in love. They way the massage is delivered evokes the memories of experience of love. This is the reason why this modality is extremely effective in soothing the body and the mind. It also generates the feeling of warmth and stability. The practitioner has to make sure that the massage is delivered properly and with patience. In fact, since it is a subtle and slow technique therefore both the client and therapist have to exercise patience. The practitioners at Massage in Delhi are they know exactly what it takes to provide highly effective massage.

Since the technique used is slow therefore it helps in the medicated oils to get absorbed by the body tissues properly. According to Ayurveda, there are many layers of tissues in our bodies. This technique is meant for the oils to reach the deepest one.

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