Top 5 Essential Oils for a Wonderful Massage Experience to Sensitive Clients

One of the most used tools in body massage nowadays is essential oils. Whenever a client checks for his monthly massage session in delhi, he definitely likes to see options in massage oils. But what is so different about essential oils? It is the fact that, they are loved by highly sensitive clients too.


Not many people are aware of the fact that they are sensitive to something, before beginning the massage, it is important for you to ask the client about any specific scent preferences. Or you should ask, are there any smells in which you find yourself suffocated? These questions can make it clear about how sensitive your client is.

Here are the top 5 best essential oils. Before you use them on a client for full body spa, don’t forget to particularly ask or test it on him first for sensitivity.

  1. Roman Chamomile

Many of you thought that lavender will be the first preference of massage parlours in delhi. Surely lavender oil is very gentle to use when we talk about sensitive clients but these options are ones that you hardly know about or find somewhere else.

A powerful smell of chamomile has a very less toxic level in it. If used with a body spa, chamomile can help highly sensitive clients with headaches, irritation etc.

  1. Bergamot

You can find citrus based oils in every other massage parlour, but on a personal note, Bergamot is the best citrus oil. It is quite similar to lavender oil, with same constituent in it called linalyl acetate. This is really helpful in stress relieving and making you relax better.

Only one thing you should always keep in mind with every citrus oil is that if it contains bergapten, then don’t let your client go anywhere out in sun for at least 12 hours. It actually results in photosensitivity and you can have a very bad skin reaction.

  1. Neroli

Another citrus oil in our list is Neroli essential oil. Coming from a delicate aroma of orange tree, it is a wonderful citrus for body massage. A study conducted in 2012 cleared that neroli helps in maintaining blood pressure and cortisol levels to normal. Furthermore, another study also confirmed that neroli oil is good in purifying skin too.

With a very low toxic range, this oil is preferably the best oil for massage during pregnancy and you can use it for children too.

  1. Rose

The queen of flowers, rose is also among the top essential oils. Used in several luxury spas, rose is popular for its cardiac benefits and a good blood circulation. Over that, rose is a powerful and cheerful mood enhancer.

  1. Sandalwood

Everyone is familiar with sandalwood’s exceptional aroma. Being so popular in perfumes, it is very useful for very sensitive males. Having a luxury spa with sandalwood, you are actually pushing skin supportive qualities of sandalwood. One major benefit of sandalwood is the removal of tiredness very effectively.

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