Various Type of Foot Massages

Feet are the most vulnerable part of the body that carry all the fatigue and tiredness of the whole day. Thus, they need special care and attention in a busy city like Delhi through foot massages. However, there are numerous variations in the types of foot massages and one can have one according to their own needs. Relaxing your foot makes you much more stress less and turns on your good mood instantly. The blood circulation of the feet gets stressed whole day and thus needs some easing which a perfect body massage can provide easily. There are the following types of foot massages that therapists keep in option while giving body massage and one can choose out of them according to the discomfort they are going through.


  1. Profound tissue massage

This is most relaxing out of others and is very effective in removing or at least releasing the amount of stress and pain. Also known by the name deep tissue massage, this one deals with the joints and muscle layers of the foot. This is performed by applying pressure and rhythmic stress over the joints and tendons while giving full body massage. The deep tissues of the muscles are stimulated through this massage, instantly providing some relief.

  1. Neuromuscular foot massage

This one tends to deal with the pain of limbs and joint and here stress is applied on the softer tissues for relief. As the word suggest, it is somehow related to medication thus, must be conducted only with the prior recommendation of therapist and doctors. Otherwise one can even suffer some discomfort or even pain in the limbs. So, in order to avoid pain and any adverse effect one must get this done through a specialised therapist or a trained person of body spa providers in Delhi.

  1. Foot massage for Athletes

This one is mostly used by the people involved in sports activities and are athletes by profession. They can go through problems like sprain or twist at any time thus, an instant relief can be brought to the person through an effective foot massage. This is the reason almost all the players are trained for such body spa and massages for emergency purposes.

  1. Swedish Foot Massage

This one comes from western world and sounds classy at the same time. Swedish foot massages are commonly used massages and is performed in almost all massage centres in Delhi due to its popularity among masses. This involves light stroke and rhythmic movements with fingers and thumbs. This type is usually practised in order to release stress and get some relief. People with complains of joint pains are recommended for this massage on a regular basis.

Conclusion: Thus, these foot massages are helpful in getting relief and soothing you mood. Stress and tension are the major areas which are targeted by these foot massages and thus should be used by the people.

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